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We recently provided development advice, planning and design services in connection with a land development project in Gloucestershire.

We also provided cost advice in connection with the conversion of a large house in St John’s Wood into self contained flats.

We are currently providing design services in connection with the conversion and extension of a large house in Herefordshire into self contained flats.

We are employed as Employer’s Agent in connection with the construction of a commercial project in North London.
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Barn Conversions
When it comes to creating a new home, barn conversions are an attractive option. Unfortunately, converting such buildings is more difficult than building a new home from scratch. That’s where our specialist knowledge of luxury barn conversions helps.

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Barn conversions aren’t just for residential use

Converted barns aren’t just for domestic use. Many are, but farm diversification may permit other applications including tourism, leisure and offices. In fact, the term “barn conversion” covers the conversion of a wide range of farm buildings, including cow houses, granaries and even cider mills!

Making more of old agricultural buildings
Despite decades of conversions, many farm buildings remain with potential for conversion due to the changing nature of agriculture. However, if you’re converting a barn or any other agricultural building, there are important planning and building regulation matters to consider.

Planning is difficult and time consuming, but for anyone who wants to live in open countryside, converting a barn may be the only way to create a new home. Many farm buildings are listed, or in the curtilage of listed farmhouses. And there’s usually a requirement to retain their original state. Unfortunately, many older conversions haven’t been done well. In response, the planners have produced design guidelines; consequently, modern barn conversions are much better.

Retaining the essential character and form
Even contemporary barn conversions must retain their essential character and form; you can’t simply turn them into a house. Sympathetic design is essential throughout the conversion. Cosmetic changes, such as adding dormer windows or garages, are unlikely to be allowed.

Although the barn’s exterior must reflect its origins, keep features and use regional materials, you may change the interior and add modern touches inside. When done sensitively, modern barn conversions are stylish, highly individual properties set to be part of the future heritage.

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