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We recently provided development advice, planning and design services in connection with a land development project in Gloucestershire.

We also provided cost advice in connection with the conversion of a large house in St John’s Wood into self contained flats.

We are currently providing design services in connection with the conversion and extension of a large house in Herefordshire into self contained flats.

We are employed as Employer’s Agent in connection with the construction of a commercial project in North London.
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Basement Conversion
You may have thought about increasing the space in your home by converting the loft or garage, or extending? But what about going down instead of up or out? Cellar or basement conversions open up exciting opportunities – including the provision of valuable extra space in your home.

A basement conversion is particularly suitable for terraced or semi-detached houses in urban areas. In such locations, extensions or loft conversions may not be possible.

Make the most of your basement conversion.
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A thorough initial assessment
The process starts by thoroughly assessing the feasibility of a basement conversion. Maybe the property already has a cellar, but headroom is low, or other refurbishment is required. Alternatively, an existing basement may only extend under part of the house so an extension is required. And even if there’s a cellar, cellar waterproofing may need to be installed or improved.

Many new builds incorporate a cellar in the design. This is because modern plots are often small and a basement, together with the loft, is needed to make the development viable. Furthermore, cellar conversions give useful additions to space when one large house is being converted into flats.

Advice on your options
After assessing your property, we’ll advise on your options. For instance, if headroom is low, underpinning of foundations and basement waterproofing will be needed. The quality of basement waterproofing is critical. With the future integrity of the basement at stake, this isn’t a job for non-specialists.

Planning and Building Regulation approval?
Not all basement conversions require planning permission, but Building Regulations approval will usually be required. For terraced or semi-detached properties, you’ll also need a party wall agreement to avoid future claims from neighbours about subsidence or damage to foundations.

Modern conversions are far removed from old images of damp, poorly-lit spaces. With the extra space they provide, they can make a valuable contribution to modern living.

Tell us about your basement conversion ideas

If you’re excited by the possibilities of converting a basement, our specialist team can help. To learn more, please call 01242 210 965 (Cheltenham) or 0203 282 7101 (London) or email us

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