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We recently provided development advice, planning and design services in connection with a land development project in Gloucestershire.

We also provided cost advice in connection with the conversion of a large house in St John’s Wood into self contained flats.

We are currently providing design services in connection with the conversion and extension of a large house in Herefordshire into self contained flats.

We are employed as Employer’s Agent in connection with the construction of a commercial project in North London.
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John Parry Limited (London)

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As well as residential clients, we work for commercial organisations in capacities that include design consultant, design and build facilitator, and project manager.

When you entrust us with your Design & Build or project management, we free you to carry on running your business while we organise the construction.

Want to get more from your commercial property development?

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Types of commercial work that we do
Our work is generally new build, extension, alteration, conversion and refurbishment – typically for industrial units, leisure property and commercial buildings.

Examples of leisure property include:
• Club houses
• Holiday accommodation
• Caravan parks

Examples of commercial buildings include:
• Offices
• Pubs
• Restaurants
• Night clubs

Various construction forms are available
The available construction forms range across prefabricated construction, such as steel or concrete frame, and traditional construction techniques.

The method we’ll use for your project depends on a range of factors including cost, speed of construction and the building’s purpose. In each case, we can construct the shell only, or provide a complete service through to fitting out.

Each alternative offers advantages and disadvantages and the final choice depends on a number of factors. Steel-framed buildings allow large spans and clear internal spaces, and it’s easy to incorporate masonry, glass and timber into the frame. On the other hand, concrete frames offer enhanced fire protection qualities and large internal open space. Traditional masonry is fine for smaller spans.

We also handle refurbishment. This ranges across interior and exterior works, racking and mezzanine floors, mechanical and electrical works, roads, drainage and foundations.

Seek advice as early as possible

Whatever you have in mind, the best thing to do is to seek advice as early as possible. To arrange a no-obligation initial consultation, please call 01242 210 965 (Cheltenham) or 0203 282 7101 (London) or email us

About us in brief

We are a UK based consultancy providing building design and project management services in connection with residential, commercial, industrial and leisure property.

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