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We recently provided development advice, planning and design services in connection with a land development project in Gloucestershire.

We also provided cost advice in connection with the conversion of a large house in St John’s Wood into self contained flats.

We are currently providing design services in connection with the conversion and extension of a large house in Herefordshire into self contained flats.

We are employed as Employer’s Agent in connection with the construction of a commercial project in North London.
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Contract Administration
Most building projects should the subject of a contract between the client and the contractor. If this is the case, you’ll benefit from contract administration by an independent organisation.

We usually work with Standard Forms of Building Contract – usually one of the Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) contracts). Even standard forms of contract require administration experience and are often subject to amendments.

As client and contractor, a building contract places responsibilities on both of us. It typically contains provisions for payment, extending the contract period and inspection of work.

Harness the power of professional contract administration.

Please call 01242 210 965 or 0203 282 7101 or email us

Managing and administering your contract
Managing and administering the construction contract involves anticipating and avoiding risks while achieving your key milestones and targets. This is vital if we are to deliver your project on time, within budget and to the agreed quality standard.

As well as preparing tender documentation and obtaining tenders, we answer questions from the tenderer during the tender period. The tenderer will provide a detailed breakdown of their quotation in the form of a priced schedule or contract sum analysis that will be used for valuing the works. On receipt of tenders, we prepare a tender report, which advises on the selection of one of the tenderers.

During construction
Once a contractor has been appointed, we hold a pre-start meeting with them. Once the work starts, we ensure that the terms and conditions of the contract are complied with. We also carry out periodic site inspections to monitor progress and check that the standard of workmanship and materials used is in accordance with the specification.

We’ll also make regular stage payments based on valuation of the work and issue certification. When the work is substantially complete, we issue a practical completion certificate.

Following this, there’s the post-construction stage. We inspect the work at the end of the rectification period (usually 6 months) and instruct the contractor to correct any defects. On satisfactory completion we’ll issue the final certificate and payment.

Construction Contracts Consultants

Professional contract administration is vital for your peace of mind. To learn more about how we can help, please call 01242 210 965 (Cheltenham) or 0203 282 7101 (London) or email us

About us in brief

We are a UK based consultancy providing building design and project management services in connection with residential, commercial, industrial and leisure property.

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