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We recently provided development advice, planning and design services in connection with a land development project in Gloucestershire.

We also provided cost advice in connection with the conversion of a large house in St John’s Wood into self contained flats.

We are currently providing design services in connection with the conversion and extension of a large house in Herefordshire into self contained flats.

We are employed as Employer’s Agent in connection with the construction of a commercial project in North London.
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Project Management

As our client, you will benefit from a wide range of project management and construction management services. The former involves management of your complete project as independent project managers or working with Design & Build contractors.

Get the most from construction management. Please call 01242 210 965 or 0203 282 7101 or email us

As project managers, we take on the role of the client
As project managers, we effectively take on the role of client. We engage consultants and contractors. Then we manage the design and construction process to completion and handover (including fitting out if required). Our involvement helps clients who are busy, or who aren’t in the same place as the project. Naturally, we adapt our services to suit your needs, depending on whether you want to be actively involved or play a more passive role.

Fee-based construction management services
We also offer fee-based construction management services. In this case, our services are paid for as a professional service and construction work is carried out by trade packages managed by us.

Either way, we’ve developed management systems based on ISO 9001. These ensure that the building project management and management of construction activity are consistent and proven. Management of time, quality and cost is a common factor with all kinds of construction project management.

We work with designers and contractors. As building managers, we draw on our practical skills to advise on buildability, which can reduce time and cost. As well as our construction project management role, we’re also concerned with managing non-construction activities such as utilities and surveys.

Team management and forward planning
When acting  in a Design & Build capacity, or providing construction management services, we manage a team. This requires effective communication, which is another of our strengths, along with the management of vital project documentation.

Effective management of construction also requires forward planning; looking at long orders to avoid delays. Another of our strengths is organisation and planning; in fact, construction planning requires considerable forward thinking to progress a project effectively.

Our management skills could help you

Our project or construction management services bring the experience and professionalism that add value to your project. To learn more, please call 01242 210 965 (Cheltenham) or 0203 282 7101 (London) or email us

About us in brief

We are a UK based consultancy providing building design and project management services in connection with residential, commercial, industrial and leisure property.

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